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Hi! I'm Alex.

I'm a writer, editor, & storyteller.

As a Virginia native, there are three things I know for sure: the weather can go through all four seasons in a single day, DC is the closest you’ll get to “big city living,” and Dirty Dancing was actually filmed here and not in New York. (You know, the important stuff.)

I also know that regardless of location, we can always connect through writing—and I’ve done quite a bit of that.

My byline appears frequently in Verywell Family, and has also been featured in Fortune, Buzzfeed, TODAY, Parents,  Motherly, Elite Daily,, and more.


As a journalist, my main focus is health, parenting, and pregnancy, but I have also penned a number of published articles on relationships, dating, sex, and lifestyle. I’m well-versed in the world of expert interviews, inclusive writing, catchy headlines, and passionate storytelling. 

As a copywriter, I collaborate with brands to find new, compelling ways to tell their stories, express individuality, and convert occasional buyers into brand loyalists. 

As an editor, I have an eye for clarity, flow, grammar, spelling, SEO best practices, and overall tone.

As a marketing specialist, I craft click-worthy email campaigns, eye-catching social media designs, and SEO-optimized blogs.

As a human? I’m a mom, wife, shameless cat-lover, and a bit of an iced coffee addict. (But who isn’t, right?)

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